Clients are now exposed to risks they have not previously considered. The new way of working poses opportunities and flexibility to employees and employers alike however controls must at all times be updated to safeguard the business from associated risks.

We provide a full range of fraud risk assessment services to clients. When you are aware of the fraud risks your business is exposed to, it is then possible to take corrective actions to mitigate against such risks.

Our experienced team of Forensics Accountants are here to help clients from the instance when issues are identified to the implementation of controls and continued monitoring.

Our Fraud Risk Assessment offering not only focuses on corrective actions. Emphasis is also placed on the importance of continued monitoring and risk assessments on an ongoing basis.

Our services

Helps clients create a culture of awareness and self-valuation.

Assist client to identify what frauds or potential fraud that could occur.

Identify patterns, consider controls e.g. staff training.

Review, investigate, understand why and how a fraud occurs.

Assist clients to implement a process to monitor progress.

Why Grant Thornton

Our team provide a comprehensive Fraud risk Assessment offering to clients. We incorporate the latest forensic technology and data analytics tools on all engagements.

We leverage of past experiences of frauds to provide clients with a detailed assessment that adds add value to their business. In addition, our team help clients are as they implement corrective actions to deter against potential risks identified.