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We are Grant Thornton. We go beyond business as usual, so you can too.

Audit & Assurance

Through our extensive knowledge and experience in multiple sectors we have developed industry specific audit procedures which we tailor to meet your individual needs.

Accountancy & Business Support

Today it is very easy to drown in red tape. Legislation, regulation, the demands of HR and IT - all of these can consume valuable time and energy, slowing your real work down.


Grant Thornton has significant experience in dealing with global cases requiring extensive asset tracing and recovery skills. We use insolvency appointments as a means of discovering information and recovering assets wherever they are held across the globe.


At Grant Thornton we understand that tax is a complex area and together with our experience and expertise we can provide a service to you that will show that “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing”.

Women in business 2021

A window of opportunity

In the last 12 months, unprecedented events have had an unforeseen and unparalleled impact on global working practices.

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Bringing insights to help you grow

We work with dynamic organisations every day, gaining a deep understanding of their most important issues and bringing a fresh perspective.

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