The exponential growth of data has created an increasing demand from clients for advanced analytics services. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the area of legal discovery where data volumes are growing at an estimated 40% per annum.

Technology has developed over the last decade making it easier to present exhibits in near-paper or “image” format. Due to the nature of electronically shared information and the advent of native and near native document productions, some cases now require the legal team to present exhibits in native format. Grant Thornton has help deliver paperless courtrooms in Ireland and abroad.

Our Services

Grant Thornton’s eDiscovery services utilises technology and infrastructure wholly owned by Grant Thornton. Not only can our clients have complete confidence that their data is 100% secure and beyond the reach of external parties, Grant Thornton can also provide bespoke services.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our eDiscovery team is highly proficient and has a breadth of experience on national, international and regulatory engagements. Team members are educated to masters and PhD level in Digital Investigation, Forensic Computing, Cybersecurity, Law and Business.

Moreover, Grant Thornton Digital Forensics experts lecture on eDiscovery courses at academic institutions, professional accounting accreditation bodies at both home and abroad and have also help developed postgraduate courses in eDiscovery. 

Grant Thornton is partner with the developers of the leading eDiscovery tools including Nuix, Relativity and Exterro Access Data.  In addition, custom forensic tools and software sets are regularly developed within the Grant Thornton Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Laboratory as required.

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