The reality is that it is no longer a question of “IF”, but “WHEN” an organisation will be subject to a data or Cyber security breach.

Cyber criminals and hackers are becoming more sophisticated and even the most prepared organisations are not immune from the threat they pose. In many cases, organisations do not realise their security has been breached until long after the event has occurred.

Our Services

Our Cyber incident response service helps clients establish exactly what happened, often helping to recover stolen assets and remediate the security vulnerabilities identified during the response. We have developed bespoke tools to assist and maintain an extensive database of threats and dark web activities to keep clients informed of potential threats and how they may have been affected by them.

The incident response handling process consists of iterative processes that range from identifying the nature of incidents to implementing security measures to limit future attacks.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our team deals with dozens of cyber incidents each month ranging from simple email hacking to large scale cyber fraud. When notified of an incident our team responds instantly, firstly to mitigate the issue and then to undertake precisely what happened and how to prevent a recurrence.

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