International Services

Through our regulated fiduciary, Grant Thornton (Isle of Man) Limited, we provide services in relation to the setting up and administration of offshore structures for legitimate purposes, including tax planning, succession and estate planning.

The corporate services we provide include the incorporation of Isle of Man companies, assuming the position of registered agents, directors and secretaries, and the maintenance of the structure.

The trust services we provide include the establishment of Isle of Man trusts, provision of professional trustees, and the administration of structures.

Services in relation to offshore companies, limited liability companies, partnerships, trust and foundations are provided through Grant Thornton (Isle of Man) Limited, which is licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority - the part of the Isle of Man Government which regulates banks, investment services and corporate and trust providers.

The administration services which we provide to offshore structures also include:

  • Multi-currency bookkeeping and accountancy services
  • Maintenance of multi-currency investment portfolios
  • Preparation of financial statements using an adaptable version of accounting software
  • Property management of both commercial and residential properties
  • Preparation of VAT returns

We also provide restructuring services. Please refer to our Global Restructuring brochure for further details as this highlights our key offerings and what differentiates us from our competitors.


If you require further information please contact either:


Dennis McGurgan


Lee Penrose


Jane Wolstencroft