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International Aircraft Registration in the Isle of Man


The Isle of Man International Aircraft Register was established on 1 May 2007 with the purpose of providing aircraft registration for private and corporate aircraft . It was the intention of the Isle of Man Government that the Aircraft Registry would mirror the quality and success of the Island’s highly respected and successful Shipping and Superyacht Registry. In July 2012 the 500th aircraft was registered.



This Isle of Man international aircraft register offers many advantages including:

  • High service levels and quality international reputation
  • he only dedicated European based private and corporate aircraft register
  • Registration – The Country designation is “M”. Although the Isle of Man register is a sub-register of the UK aircraft register operated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), it will not carry the “G” prefix, but “M” which will be used for all Manx-registered aircraft
  • Flexibility – “M” registered aircraft has the ability to fly worldwide without restraint due to the independence of the Register not being classified as a Flag of Convenience
  • The Register – this is managed by a small efficient and supportive professional team, similar to the yacht register
  • Flight Crew Licences – Internationally recognised Flight Crew Licences may be validated to fly Isle of Man registered aircraft, leading to significant cost savings
  • Competitive charging scheme
  • Secure mortgage register
  • Tax – 0% standard rate of corporation tax and all aviation transactions will qualify for 0% rate. There is also a 0% insurance premium tax (6% in the UK)
  • Finance Centre – The Isle of Man as a financial centre is able to meet the financing requirements of most aviation activities
  • The Isle of Man is on the OECD ‘white list’ of countries complying with the global standard for tax co-operation and exchange of information

To register an aircraft it must weigh more than 5,700kgs other than for residents or businesses operating from the Isle of Man and have an EASA Type Certificate. Should it meet the criteria laid down by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, it is possible for an existing aircraft to be transferred from another aircraft register with proof of an Export C of A or equivalent document together with a letter of confirmation of deregistration.

The checklist detailed below for aircraft registration has been produced by the Registry which details the requirements for registering an aircraft.

If you are interested in aircraft registration in the Isle of Man and require further information please contact:

Dennis McGurgan





Checklist for Registering Aircraft in the Isle of Man

1. Aircraft registered in the Isle of Man are only for private and corporate use, not commercial air transport or aerial work.

2. All aircraft for registration in the Isle of Man must have an EASA Type Certificate.

3. Review the website at Isle of Man Aircraft Registry for the Legislation, Scheme of Charges and Application Forms.

4. The Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order 2007, Part 1, Article 3 - Registration of aircraft in the Isle of Man - lists qualified persons.

5. If an out-of-sequence Aircraft Registration Mark is required contact the Aircraft Registry to confirm availability of the requested Mark before completing the application form. If an out-of-sequence request is not received the next sequential registration mark will be allocated.

6. Submit completed signed copies of the following forms:

Form 1 - Application for out-of-sequence Aircraft Registration Mark (if required)
Form 2 - Application for Registration of Aircraft
Form 3 - Application for the Issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A)
Form 4 – Application for Airspace Approvals and Declaration of Capability (if Airspace Approvals are required)
Form 6 - Application for Flight Crew Licence Validation for each member of the flight crew.
Form 31 - Aircraft Maintenance Information

7. Complete and submit form 5 the Application for Aircraft Radio Licence to the Radio Licensing Section

8. Before completion of the registration process the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry will require a copy of the Aircraft Insurance Certificate showing the new registration marks.

9. Complete and submit the information required in IL 11 Maintenance Schedule Declaration and Approval. The Registry Airworthiness Surveyor will liaise with the nominated airworthiness technical representative and arrange Approval of the Aircraft Maintenance Schedule.

10. If the aircraft is not a new build the owner should request an Export C of A or equivalent document from the existing registry. The aircraft can not be registered in the Isle of Man until an Export C of A or equivalent document and a letter of confirmation of deregistration is received. A current EASA C of A is normally acceptable in lieu of an Export C of A.

11. Following the survey of the aircraft and the completion of any actions required, where appropriate, the following documents will be issued:

  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate of Airworthiness (valid for one year)
  • Noise Certificate
  • Airspace Approvals (valid for three years)
  • RVSM and Approved Manual
  • MNPS and Approved Manual
  • RNAV and Approved Manual
  • AWOPS and Approved Manual
  • Steep Approaches
  • Aircraft Radio Licence (valid for one year)
  • Flight Crew Licence Validations (valid for one year)

12. When required, financial institutions can enter an aircraft mortgage Priority Notice (Form 25) and an aircraft mortgage (Form 26) on the Isle of Man Register of Aircraft Mortgages.