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Ships have been registering in the Isle of Man since 1786. Since then legislation has been introduced which has facilitated the creation of the Isle of Man Ship Registry, which has ISO 9001 Accreditation, and the adoption of the “Mega-Yacht Code” enabling commercial yachts over 24 metres to be registered.

The Isle of Man Ship Registry is a centre of excellence offering the following benefits:

  • A favourable taxation regime designed to encourage business.
  • A range of professional services designed to support shipping.
  • Low costs and no annual tonnage dues.
  • A professional Ship Registry providing a high quality of service.
  • The right to fly the "Red Ensign" and access the support of British consular services world-wide.
  • Flexibility in the requirements for registered owners including acceptance of Limited Partnerships.
  • The availability of Demise registry both "IN" and "OUT".
  • Full political support for shipping.
  • Non-Flag of Convenience status.
  • Regular advice bulletins on key issues to help owners respond to them.
  • European time zone.

Aircraft registration

As the only dedicated corporate aircraft register in Europe, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry offers high international standards and a competitive scheme of charges. They are not able to register fixed-wing aircraft below 5,700 kgs other than for residents of the Isle of Man. Isle of Man registered aircraft cannot be used for Commercial Air Transport.

The benefits of registering an aircraft in the Isle of Man include:

  • High regulatory standards
  • High service levels and quality international reputation
  • Neutral Nationality registration prefix
  • Secure mortgage register
  • No insurance premium tax (6% in UK)
  • European time zone
  • Professional infrastructure with experience in aviation finance
  • Clear and simple taxation regime
  • Stable legal and political environment

Please refer to our article on “International Aircraft Registration” if you require further information.

Yacht registration

The Isle of Man is a secure, respected and economical centre for the registration and management of yachts.

The benefits of registering a yacht in the Isle of Man include:

  • Reclaiming VAT on the yacht acquisition, import or purchase.
  • Reclaiming VAT on Isle of Man or United Kingdom expenses.
  • Importing or acquiring the yacht without sailing to the United Kingdom or Isle of Man.
  • VAT deferment or claiming zero rating for yacht charter income.

Please refer to our article on “Yacht Registration and Management” if you require further information.